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Specialty grade

We work only with great quality coffee, that has been carefully produced and thoroughly selected, reaching a high grade in the world of coffee.
That means it has much less of the burnt paper or ash taste found in common coffee, and much more clarity in the real characteristics of the bean, be it more chocolatey, nutty or fruity. Therefore, delicious.
And we always roast it right before we ship it, so you'll get it FRESH every month and open each bag only a few days after the roast.

Sourced sustainably

We are partners with Tiqueira, a sustainable green bean supplier. Tiqueira pays at least 2x higher than the Fair Trade price to farmers, making it possible for the farmer to:
1) invest back into the farm
2) pay higher wages, and
3) give back to the local community, all while being able to keep producing high quality beans in a sustainable way.
Tiqueira only works with farmers committed to these three pillars, and strongly believes that gratitude to the farmer is the best way to keep coffee quality getting better and better.


Transparency is an important factor for us. We as coffee lovers have the right to know where exactly the coffee in that cup was produced, and how much the farmer is being paid for it (in the case of Tiqueira, minimum 3x above Fair Trade prices).
In every bag, you can see the name of the farmer who produced that coffee, and the precise location of the farm where it comes from, so you will know that that farm and community have benefitted immensely from your conscious purchase.

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